Are ROG laptops really bad?

(/home/alkaline) #1

A little while ago during class in my Dual Credit, I was chatting with some of my classmates and I mentioned that I was hoping to get an ASUS ROG gaming laptop when I go to college full-time for game development. I’m not great with hardware but those laptops seem to be perfect for me. But someone in my class did overhear me say that and they said those laptops aren’t too great.

Are they really all that bad? Are there any things I should be concerned about?

(Mike Honcho) #2

According to many reviews on Amazon (since I have never interacted with ASUS laptops), they seem to have support issues. Many people are having problems with contacting ASUS support for warranty complaints, and their lower-end notebooks seem to have issues with their storage mediums. One customer spent over $200 in compatible power supplies for a laptop because ASUS wouldn’t ship him a new one (allegedly)

(/home/alkaline) #3

So it’s mostly just customer service issues. I think he mentioned that. I was more worried about actual hardware defects being a major problem.

My friend Ryan did have a major scare a few months back where he plugged in his laptop, it wasn’t properly grounded, and he got electrocuted by it (and lost a lot of his data). I don’t think that laptop was ROG though nor was it a defect. I just think his charger wasn’t correctly grounded so the electricity decided to use his body as ground (thus him getting shocked.)

(Mike Honcho) #4

Keep in mind that several customers had hybrid drives failing after a few months of owning their laptop which I mentioned before.

(/home/alkaline) #5

Ahh, that makes sense. I mean I’m the type of person who puts all their schoolwork on an external hard drive anyway, just a habbit from the thumbdrive days where my school laptop wiped itself every night.

(Tobias SN) #6

My brother has one and it seems to work fine.