Copy/Paste in Terminal?

(/home/alkaline) #1

Hey everyone, it’s poll time! I want to add some clipboard usage in Peacenet’s user interface so that it’s easy to take certain things in the GUI, copy them into the Terminal, and move to command-line. So for example, you could take someone’s IP address in the Address Book or on a Peacenet Service and copy it into the Terminal to use in the nmap command.

From a UX perspective this seems like it’ll help out the gameplay but I’m not sure what controls I should use for it. I have two choices I could easily implement:

  1. Right-click copy-pasting

If you right-click the Terminal, you will paste any text in your Clipboard to it. If you highlight text in the Terminal then right click, you will copy that highlighted text into the Clipboard.

  1. Conventional copy/paste

If you highlight text in the Terminal, CTRL+C will copy it. If you hit CTRL+V, it will paste.

Which do you prefer?

  • Right-click
  • Conventional

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(Tobias SN) #2

I say conventional, but there should also be a right click menu.

By the way, the poll’s broken.

(Mike Honcho) #3

Fixed the poll. Admin access is fun.

(/home/alkaline) #4

Nah, there won’t be a menu per se. Maybe I’ll implement context menus and menu strips in Histacom UE’s user interface as a UE4 plugin but those aren’t coming in The Peacenet.

(/home/alkaline) #5

Hey guys - forgot to update this. Just wanted to point out that this feature is now in the game. It’s still a little buggy, but it does work pretty well.