Favorite operating systems thread

(/home/alkaline) #1

I’m bored. Let’s talk about our favorite operating systems. What’s your favorite OS, and why? I kind of expect this to turn into a heated argument between Windows and Linux users but… screw it.

Honestly my favorite is Ubuntu. Specifically, 18.04 LTS Server. It’s what’s powering this site and what used to power my development environment. I prefer server installs of Ubuntu since it’s like Arch Linux for dummies. You get guided through installation, but past that its fully command-line and you get to configure it how you want. It’s great for people like me who like lots of customizability but don’t want to sit there manually installing Linux.

(JPlexer) #2

My Favorite is Arch Linux, although I stay with Windows

(Logan Lowe) #3

Arch is nice; but I can say the same for most distros anyway. Linux is something that is getting somewhat stale for me at the moment.

In the Windows department, Windows 7. (see Windows 7 End of Support thread).

As for anything else? macOS 10.14 Mojave. Works fantastic on Intel-based Hackintoshes with integrated graphics or dedicated AMD GPUs. Apple implemented a dark theme that accents the UI very well. It’s free too! (so long as you’re okay breaking EULAs, something I won’t get into here).

(/home/alkaline) #4

Honestly, if there weren’t so many mysteries and weirdness surrounded around it, I’d like to try TempleOS. Though, I don’t imagine it’s really… built for someone who’s blind.