GTA:SA arcade games in SDL2

(/home/alkaline) #1

Hey! So I’ve been playing GTA: San Andreas lately and I forgot about the various arcade machines scattered around Los Santos in Carl’s house, some bars, and other areas.

I used to play them all the time as a child, and I was never good at them. I played them again today, mainly “Go Go Space Monkey.” Knowing what I know now about programming I can imagine how I would go about programming those games for myself in SDL2.

Do you guys think I should do it? :slight_smile:

(Tobias SN) #2

Yeah sure then I can try to play it on my Wii U because why the fuck not.

(/home/alkaline) #3

Guess I’ll have to really learn SDL2 then. I know I’m currently writing Pong in it. (No, not ShiftOS Pong.)