I need to buy a Bluetooth headset

(/home/alkaline) #1

So a week ago, i was sick with the flu. I was going home from school and wasn’t spatially aware. I had my headset on and as I got out of the car, I hit my head on the car’s roof. My 1 and a half year old headset split in half and we couldn’t glue it back together.

Needless to say, I need a new pair. I’m not sure what to get, but I know I want Bluetooth for the convenience. I don’t want a microphone attached to it because I’ll literally never use it. I don’t want any in-ears/earbuds because I have not used a single pair that could ever properly and comfortably fit in my ears - including Apple’s.

Anyone have any recommendations?

(Logan Lowe) #2

I had a pair of iWorld Link Bluetooth headphones that I loved dearly. They sounded great, over-the-ear, ridiculously long range. Then I got incredibly angry and broke the power button on accident. :frowning: They were very nice though, see if you can find a pair. I’d suggest just getting the same pair you had though.

(/home/alkaline) #3

I got my new pair last Saturday. It’s a blue Wicked Endo bluetooth headset and it’s a lot more comfortable than my previous pair. The top of the headset as well as the ear-pieces are made out of a leather-like material which is just so comfortable. They also sound really nice, the volume and pause/play buttons are well-built and feel durable (unlike my previous pair), and the power button isn’t a button - it’s actually a switch.

I also really like the fact that:

  • On a Windows system, the volume buttons actually adjust system volume instead of the headset’s volume itself - meaning they don’t get out of sync and I can finally use Codeflow again.
  • They connect up to my phone and computer far quicker and the connection process is more reliable.
  • The voice that tells you when you’re (dis)connected isn’t overly loud and ear-piercing.
  • Plugging in the headset doesn’t shut it off, so I can use it while charging - which I do need to do sometimes.
  • Volume buttons are used like this:
    • Press and they act like “next/previous” buttons.
    • Hold and they’re volume buttons. I prefer it that way. I change my current song way more frequently than I do my volume.
  • The pause button is JUST a pause/play button. Double-tapping does NOT re-dial the last number I called on my phone. I really hate re-dial features like that. I have limited minutes, I don’t call anybody often so I have no idea who/what it’s going to re-dial, etc.
  • Power switch is separate from the pause button - which means that, even if the pause button DOES start to go, I can still…turn the headset…on.