Introduce yourself, hooligans!

(Mike Honcho) #1


We had a very long thread of this on the Watercolor forum, so re-introduce yourselves since we like to change our name every 4-6 months. I bet another forum will be made by then under another name, so be sure to save your post so you do not have to type it our again if you wish. :slight_smile:

(/home/alkaline) #2

As you guys know, I’m Alkaline. I’m 17 years old (as of last Thursday :D), and I’m the lead dev of Peacenet. I love game development and programming, I’m in a dual credit course for SDL2 and C++, and I love pulled pork.

You’ll see me around fixing bugs and keeping the game going, and I’m definitely going to be active here. :slight_smile:

(Mike Honcho) #3

Replying to your own threads is fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I’m Trey, the community admin for Bit Phoenix. I have no real job other than to manage this forum and the Discord when the other admins aren’t around, which is basically never (so I don’t do much), but I am usually semi-active on the forum and Discord. I also have a decent Twitch following, so if you want to, check me out there (link is in the bio of my forum account).

My real life interests have to do with computer hardware and things like that. I really like tinkering with computery-things and the stuff that has to do with them. I like building PC’s, using them, and making extensions to extend their use cases. Have any questions for me? Shoot me a PM, I’ll respond some time.

(/home/alkaline) #4

Me too, though I’m more of a software guy.

(Tobias SN) #5

I’m Tobias. My hobbies are procrastinating and being unproductive.

(JPlexer) #6

So hi there!
I am JPlexer.
I am currently 12 Years old but going to be 13 soon.
I love developing in node.js but I would like to learn Java or C(#/++) in School!
Also I here for a Long time… Reported at least 2 Bugs.

(/home/alkaline) #7

That’s neat - because it gives us a chance to test out one of the plugins that I installed on here. Try setting your birthday in your profile and see what happens when the day comes. I’d have to wait another year to be able to test it. :slight_smile: