March 2019 Dev Stream

(/home/alkaline) #1

Hey guys. It’s been a long time since we’ve done a dev stream so I’ve decided to do one tonight (March 20th, 2019) at 3:45 PM Eastern Time.

I’m most likely going to be working on the game’s AI or chat system, or potentially the app launcher menu.

There’ll be music in the background from the game’s soundtrack, and I’ll try my best to keep up with stream chat - so feel free to ask me any questions you’d like. :slight_smile:

(/home/alkaline) #2

Don’t tell me it’s doing that thing where it won’t update the stream metadata until I actually start the stream…argh damn youtube

(Caleb Coblentz) #3

yep thats how it works

(/home/alkaline) #4

Sadly could not stream.

This site went offline for a few hours and we had to get it back.

I will stream this Saturday. Possibly at an earlier time in the day.

(Caleb Coblentz) #5 will you go live

(/home/alkaline) #6

Not today. Had to cancel. See the reply above. Sorry.

(Caleb Coblentz) #7

its seel on youtube so

(/home/alkaline) #8

I do not know how to cancel it lol. The new youtube studio is a little weird for me still.

(Caleb Coblentz) #9

ya but youtube sill says you are at 1245pm

(/home/alkaline) #10

I am not used to the new youtube studio layout. So I do not know how to take that down.

(Caleb Coblentz) #11

ok fosit go to youtube stoio ten go to videos next cack on live nex ceck on a the tree .s and in the minu cick deleted

(/home/alkaline) #12

That was hard to do on my phone but it should be gone now.