READ FIRST! Rules of Game Showcase

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Game Showcase is a great place to get feedback for your game, but we do have a few rules you may want to keep in mind. It is more to keep things civilized and prevent excessive server load.

Negative feedback

Not all feedback is positive, and sometimes it’s a good idea to point out flaws in something. Nobody ever gets things right the first time–and people will give you negative feedback to help you hopefully get it right the next time.

Sometimes this feedback will strike you hard. The important thing to realize is the point is not to hurt you but instead to help you improve in the future. Do not handle negative feedback as though it is a personal attack.

However, there is a difference between negative feedback and a personal attack or insult. Staff will handle things if they get out of hand.

Posting builds

You are not allowed under any circumstances to post a build of your game directly to Bit Phoenix’s server. This is because we only have a limited amount of disk space and as such we can’t afford to host your builds. For more information, see the Game Showcase page or the Cassian Server page on the wiki.

While the forum will not let you upload files that are not images, if you somehow do end up being able to get a build uploaded, it will be deleted by an administrator with server access.

We recommend instead using as a way to upload your builds, as mentioned in the previously mentioned Game Showcase wiki page.

Happy devving! :slight_smile:

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