Should we add a ShiftOS section?

(/home/alkaline) #1

I don’t know if you guys still remember it but a few weeks ago I did the ShiftOS In One Week challenge (thank @TheEdge). This challenge was a test of my programming skills to see if, as a proof of concept, I could implement ShiftOS 0.0.9 in one week.

That got me thinking: I have a fully-functional ShiftOS just sitting on my drive waiting to be screwed around with. Why don’t I finish it up and release it as a sort of actually stable 0.0.8 and see what you guys make with it?

Should I do that? And should I add a ShiftOS section on here for discussion about it, as well as skins?

(JPlexer) #2

Sure why not? I like if we can still talk about it

(/home/alkaline) #3

I mean, if it’s actually wanted then… hell yeah. I’m down. I’m no longer worried about ShiftSyndicate. Worst comes to worst I’ll just disable ssh password auth on this server and upload my public key.