Spring Cleaning

(/home/alkaline) #1

So Spring has just begun not long ago, so I decided to do some spring cleaning on the Discord server. I’m also cleaning up other areas of the community. Here’s a summary of what’s new:

1. AstralMod is more useful

You can now use am:suggest as well as pin-to-pin features of AstralMod which weren’t usable on our server before.

2. Staff changes

Some staff members have been moved around, some removed, and some added. We’re still rebasing the Bit Phoenix team. There should always be at least one dev, mod or admin to get a hold of should there ever be an incident.

3. Channels are more organized

I’ll be doing this for the forum as well, but channels on the Discord are more organized. There are also a few new channels:

  • pc-part-picker: for posting and discussing PC part picker builds
  • veteran-zone: replaces the early-access channel.
  • funny-fortunes: a place to post funny cowsay and fortune outputs

Other things to come

  • I will be finishing up the dark theme on the wiki and main site, making things look much better.
  • I’ll be making both written and video tutorials on how to get Peacenet up and running and how to contribute, mod the game, etc.
  • Monthly dev streams will now actually be monthly.

If there are any suggestions you guys have for things we should do, feel free to use am:suggest or reply to this post. :slight_smile: