Welcome to Bit Phoenix Software

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Welcome to the Bit Phoenix Software community. Here you are able to discuss The Peacenet, submit bug reports, ask questions, chat about game development/programming, and hang out with the rest of the community. Anyone is welcomed! You do not need to know how to program to be here. In fact, we are open to answering programming questions to help you learn.

About this community

Who is this community for?

This community is for people interested in games, programming, and game development. While it’s primary focus is The Peacenet, it is also a place for general game development/programming/tech chat.

What can I find here?

You’ll find announcements from Bit Phoenix, places to chat about various tech-related subjects, places to ask for help with coding/game dev, and more. Just have a look around!

Why should I join?

That depends what you’re interested in. If you need help with a bug in The Peacenet or want to request a new feature, you should join. If you want to ask for some help with Unreal Engine 4, C++, C#, and some other programming languages, you can do that here too. Or maybe you just want to share a game you’re working on to get feedback on it?

I wanna know more!

Cool! We have a wiki with all sorts of pages about the community and our game, The Peacenet. Have a look around! Signing in with a Bit Phoenix Account will also let you contribute to the wiki.

You may also be interested in our Discord server, our YouTube channel, or our Twitter!

I’m sold. How do I join?

Thankfully, joining this community has never been easier. Simply click “Sign up” in the top right corner, create a new Bit Phoenix Account (or log in to your existing one if you’ve been on the wiki), and follow the instructions to create your profile on the forum. Once you’re done that, you’re in! Now you can use that same account to sign in everywhere on the Bit Phoenix website. Fantastic!

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