Windows 7 End of Support - Anyone still using Windows 7?

(/home/alkaline) #1

365 days to go 'till the end of support… I’m curious if anyone is still using Windows 7 nowadays. I have fond memories of it and in fact I’m using it right now on my school laptop.

I certainly do miss Aero.

(Logan Lowe) #2

I use Windows 7 every day on my main PC - despite having a Skylake chip, which I needed to mod my ISO for, but it works great. I don’t see any performance differences between Windows 7 and Windows 10 (build 1803) - and if I do, Windows 7 beats it on the same machine!

I prefer to keep my desktop looking extremely stock. I tried custom backgrounds for a while but the default Windows 7 wallpaper just looks incredible when you combine it with the default Aero colors.

After support ends, I think I’ll stick with Windows 7 until I get a virus (hell, even if it’s just to prove a point). Then I’ll move to Windows 10, so long as Microsoft doesn’t start deleting all of my files.

I also use Windows 7 on my bedroom PC - alongside macOS 10.14.2 Mojave.

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Anyway, yeah, the default wallpaper does look really nice. Can’t say the same about Windows 10’s, honestly. I really like its camping wallpaper though, that’s the one I use at home. It supports dual monitors in that it will span across them.

(Tobias SN) #4

My school is still using Windows 7. At least the students are. The teachers get to use Windows 10.

(/home/alkaline) #5

Over here, everyone’s on Windows 10 except for me. At my college it really depends what lab you’re in. Some of the computers have GTX 970s in them and run Windows 7 while some of them have 1050tis and run Windows 10.

I imagine the ones used to teach Xbox One development run Windows 10.